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We are a full-service supply chain and product development agency.

Since 1998, Four Corners has helped some of America's favorite brands and retailers develop product lines and build reliable supply chains.

Today, we manage product development and supply chain operations with teams in Mexico, China, Vietnam, Thailand, and
the US.

We are passionate about helping businesses scale throu
gh transparent and ethical global business practices. 


Current Industry Challenges & Solutions

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Over-reliance on China

Since 2018, we have been heavily diversifying our clients' supply chains outside of China. We also recognize that China is still the world's factory and will continue to play a role in global supply chains. We help quote out and sample product lines in multiple countries, evaluate short and long-term risk, and advise clients on all country of origin-related questions.

Four Corners sets up companies for sustained supply chain success with offices and manufacturing relationships throughout SE Asia, Mexico, the US, and Europe.

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Managing Cost

Exchange rate fluctuations, material cost increases, and volatile logistics costs continue to make COGS management challenging. We continuously support our clients with cost management strategies that help improve margins while ensuring healthy long-term vendor relationships.

Our Cost Management Team monitors material costs, exchange rates, freight cost, and other COGS factors and helps our clients maximize margin structures.

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Continuous Disruptions

COVID outbreaks, port strikes, energy shortages. The unpredictability of global supply chains continues to pose a threat to all consumer product brands and retailers. While freight rates have stabilized, other disruptions, such as geopolitical events, must be a part of each risk management strategy.

We strategically plan production calendars and PO placement to minimize disruptions to our clients' product flow.

Industry Challenges


Design & Development_300x.png

Product Development

Market Analysis
Patent Research
Product Development
Product Engineering
Packaging Design
Rapid Prototyping
BOM Analysis
Design for Manufacture




In-House QA Team
In-House QC Team
Quality Engineering
Incoming Material Inspection
In-Line Inspections
Pre-Shipment Inspections
Onsite Troubleshooting
Lab Testing




Supply Chain Analysis
COO Analysis
Strategic Sourcing
Vendor Evaluation
Subcontractor Analysis
Raw Material Sourcing
Cost Management




Container Booking
Container Optimization
Airfreight Booking
Forwarder Communication
LCL Consolidation
3PL Management
Sample Tracking




Vendor Communication
Social Compliance
Environ. Compliance 

Relationship Management
Process Optimization
Brand Protection
Cost Management
Time-to-Market Optimization
PO Management



Retail Solutions

Display Concepts
Packaging Solutions
End Caps
Pallet Programs
Retail Staging
Merchandising Strategy

Market Insights

Engagement Models


Best suited for start-ups* or projects below FOB $3m/year. 

Short term consulting engagements based on retainer or monthly fees.

*Note: We only take on a small number of start-up clients and consulting projects every year.


Best suited for companies with an annual FOB sourcing volume of $3m or more.

In this model, chosen by over 90% of our clients, we manage all aspects of your sourcing and supply chain.

For our services, we charge industry-standard commissions on our client's FOB purchasing volume. 

Venture Capital

We have formed Four Corners Capital Partners to provide growth capital to high-growth consumer products companies.

In addition to providing growth capital and access to our network of founders and investors, we support consumer product brands by managing all aspect of product development and supply chain.

Getting started

1. Analysis

After an introductory call, our team of experts analyzes your company’s needs. Whether it is country of origin diversification, margin improvement, better quality control, or any other gap, we will explain how we can help and make initial recommendations. We understand the importance of confidentiality and brand protection and don't share any of your data without your permission.

2. Trial Project

In Step 2, we show our capabilities with a trial project. This could be quoting out SKUs, performing inspections, fixing an urgent factory problem, or general supply chain and product consulting. While we are selective, in most cases the trial project is free.

3. Proposal

After a successful trial project, we present a full-service proposal. This proposal is a long term plan, detailing what teams and processes we would put into place to set up your supply chain operations for sustained success.


Our goal is always to build long-term partnerships, and act as an extension of our clients in all countries in which we operate. Our most successful clients have been with us for over a decade, and we continue to grow together.

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